Current Doubles League Scores

There is still time to participate in the Doubles League action!  

REMEMBER, you have to shoot at least 1,000 doubles targets including 3 clubs to qualify.  

You can finish up your 1,000 targets at Old Skagit and you're done!

Look for your name on the latest report, and get out there and shoot! 

You never know.... 

it just might be YOU that wins that beautiful Buckle!!!

Doubles League




The final Doubles League event will be held on October 19, 2019 at the 

Old Skagit Gun Club Shoot.

The cost for the event is only $26.00 per 100 targets, plus PITA daily fees.  You only need to shoot at three different events during the program. Minimum of 1,000 targets to qualify, 500 maximum daily, and best 10 scores count towards High Overall All. PITA rules govern events.  

What you can win? At the end of the program, a Buckle goes to the High Over All winner, plus the  A, B, C, and D Class winners.


Sign up – Join the fun!!

Clubs Participating

This year we have 9 clubs participating in the program. Check out the list shown here.  Remember you must shoot a minimum of 1,000 targets covering three events.  

League Coordinator

For more information, contact Jim Bradbury, Doubles League Coordinator