What We Do!

Supporting the future of trapshooting and the PITA is our top priority.  That future is our 

youth shooters and the parents that support them.  Our aim is to help mitigate, even if it's just a bit, some of the cost and time it takes to support a young shooter in today's economy.

For over 86 years the PITA has strived to further youth shooting through promotions, raffles, and generous donations.  We have received exceptional support and we are proud to offer these advantages to the youth shooters!

Beginning September 1, 2019 the WSPITA new shooting program takes affect.  Each youth shooter is allowed up to 500 reduced price PITA targets per shooting year. The discount is $16.00 per each 100 registered targets shot.

Each year at the WSPITA State Shoot Tournament, ALL Youth shooters receive a host of additional benefits, including free shells, trophies and awards for their great shooting.

To receive your discount:  

   1.  Enter any PITA tournament (including multiplex events).

   2.  Keep your entry receipt that you receive from the cashier which shows the cost of the entry, where you shot and so forth.

   3.  Mail that entry receipt to us.  Make sure YOUR name and address is clearly marked so we know where to send your refund!

   4.  We will mail your refund of $16.00 per 100 targets, to you! Super easy!

   5.  Mail to:  WSPITA, Crystal Hodges Treasurer, 244 Orca Road, Woodland, WA 98674

So come out, meet some great people, & join in the fun of trapshooting!