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Washington State Pacific International Trapshooting Association, Inc.

We are a Washington State non-profit organization dedicated to the sport of trapshooting.  Our goal is to promote the sport through organized activities throughout the year.  We are especially dedicated to the youth participants by teaching them sportsmanship, self-esteem and leadership skills through organized trapshooting events.  


2019 Washington All Stars!

John Mullins


Top Team

6,200 Targets in 2019

.9621 Overall Average

Scott Moore


Men's Second Team

6,100 Targets in 2019

.9275 Overall Average

Rodger Tiegs


Men's Second Team

6,300 Targets in 2019

.9158 Overall Average

Jennifer Klingele


Ladies First Team

6,100 Targets in 2019

.8880 Overall Average

Tim Hodges


Veteran Team

10,900 Targets in 2019

.9258 Overall Average

Robert Davis


Veteran Team

7,250 Targets in 2019

.9101 Overall Average

Greg Miner


Senior Team

10,900 Targets in 2019

.9144 Overall Average

Grant Lau


Senior Team

6,000 Targets in 2019

.9066 Overall Average

Art Fenton


Elder Team

5,100 Targets in 2019

.8992 Overall Average


We salute these Washington All Stars!!!

Way to Go!!

Brayden Lee-Hines


Second Junior Team

7,550 Targets in 2019

.9069 Overall Average


The WSPITA Board 

congratulates the recipients on their remarkable achievements!

2020 Grand Pacific Locations Announced!!!

Hillsboro and Medford Oregon to Host!!

                                                               Check it out!!!  

The details of the 2020 Grand Pacific locations were announced this week. We are so lucky to be having two fantastic clubs host this fantastic two site Grand event!  Having two host clubs will allow even more shooters to attend.  The RV reservation details managed by host clubs will be announced when they become available.   Be sure to check back HERE or on SHOOTPITA.COM for details!  

Here is the Message from the Executive Committee:

The Site Selection Committee has been working on the 2020 site for the Grand since late August. Two clubs were invited to host the 2020 Grand, only one responded.  It became evident during negotiations with Spokane GC that we could not come to an equitable agreement – one that benefited the shooters, the hosting club and the PITA.

Once again, we are heading down a path that has been traveled before – a Grand Pacific hosted at two sites.  This decision was reached by the EC at the 2-day meeting held at Medford GC on October 24-25.  Three clubs were asked to consider hosting the 2020 Grand.  Two clubs have committed to hosting the Grand, the Medford Gun Club and the Hillsboro Trap & Skeet Club.    Contract negotiations are underway.  Coming soon information on RV reservations (to be done by host clubs) and PreSquad – keep an eye on the PITA website.

There may be challenges but they are not insurmountable!  You have an EC that is dedicated to presenting a Grand benefiting the shooter as well as the host clubs.  You are the foundation for the Grand – it is your shoot.  We welcome your assistance and input as we work on the logistics for providing a Grand at the two sites.  Join us in welcoming and thanking the Medford Gun Club & Hillsboro Trap & Skeet Club for hosting the 2020 Grand Pacific.  Let’s make this a positive experience for us all – you the shooter, management at Medford & Hillsboro clubs, and the PITA.

Jennifer, Betty, Mike, Bob, Billy, Lonny, Patty, Brian, Gary, Steve, Kay & Sue


Club of the Week!

Old Skagit Gun Club

This week we are highlighting Old Skagit Gun Club!  

Old Skagit is packed with fantastic club members who are always cheerful and helpful to all.

They offer a huge array of shooting - Turkey shoots, Multiplex, registered PITA shoots, Buddy Backers, and much more all year long!

They have a delightful clubhouse with a full kitchen. 

Next time you're in the area, be sure to stop by and

take in their events! 

Check out their website: www.oldskagit.com

or email them at: oldskagit@yahoo.com


Youth Program Information

Here's the latest Youth Program Info!

Beginning September 1, 2019 the WSPITA new shooting program takes affect.  Each youth shooter is allowed up to 500 reduced price PITA targets per shooting year. The discount is $16.00 per each 100 registered targets shot.

Each year at the WSPITA State Shoot Tournament, ALL Youth shooters receive a host of additional benefits, including free shells, trophies and awards for their great shooting.

To receive your discount:  

  1.  Enter any PITA tournament (including multiplex events).

  2.  Keep your entry receipt that you receive from the cashier which shows the cost of the entry, where you shot and so forth.

  3.  Mail that entry receipt to us.  Make sure YOUR name and address is clearly marked so we know where to send your refund!

  4.  We will mail your refund of $16.00 per 100 targets, to you! Super easy!

  5.  Mail to:  WSPITA, Crystal Hodges Treasurer, 244 Orca Road, Woodland, WA 98674

So come out, meet some great people, & join in the fun of trapshooting!

Upcoming November - February Shoot Programs

The Fall program runs from September - December. 


The Shoot will begin the first full week of September, Sunday through Saturday, beginning September 1.

Multiplex can no longer be offered as an option during regular PITA registered shoots.

Clubs can only offer Multiplex one week of each month, but the date of each month can vary.

Payoff checks will be mailed after the December event.

Each season of the Multiplex will have a High Over All Champion.

Each season will have 6 random-draw prizes. 

Those who shoot at least 100 targets, at each of the 4 monthly events will be eligible for the draw prizes.

So sign up ~~ join the fun~~ and keep on shooting!! 

What a great way to spend the fall months!!


Effective September 1, 2019

There will be in increase  in the WSPITA daily fee.  

Beginning September 1, 2019 

the rate will change from 1.5 cents per target to 2 cents per target.  

There will be a change in the Youth Discount Procedure

Effective September 1, 2019 

Please refer to the Youth Program Page for complete details.

If you have any questions regarding this change, 

please feel free to contact Crystal Hodges, Treasurer.

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We look forward to seeing you at the next shoot! Come out and join the fun!!

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