High Average Teams

2019 High Average Teams Draft.xlsx UPDATED 10-22-19 (pdf)


2018 High Average Teams (pdf)


2017 High Average Teams (pdf)


2016 High Average Teams (pdf)


2015 High Average Teams (pdf)


Requirements for the State High Average Teams

The target requirements for the high average teams are as follows:

Regular High Average Teams:  1700 Singles Targets; 1700 Handicap Targets; 1100 Doubles Targets

Ladies, Veterans, Senior Veterans & Elders:  1200 Singles Targets; 1200 Handicap Targets; 600 Doubles Targets

Junior and Sub Juniors:  1000 Singles Targets; 1000 Handicap Targets; 500 Doubles Targets

The age of the specific category of shooter (Lady, Veterans, Senior Veterans, Juniors, and Sub Juniors) on April 1st of each year will determine the shooters category.